Love Poem

Empty Beds, Lexington, Massachusetts (1979) by Nan Goldin x "Love Poem" by Richard Brautigan.

I have just discovered Brautigan's poetry. His economy of language is exquisite. 



Silke Otto-Knapp's Seascapes at Overduin and Kite.


Kanae Entani

Embroidered goodness by Kanae Entani.



Agnès Varda's L'Opéra-Mouffe holds a certain resonance for me due to its setting of Rue Mouffetard in the fifth arrondisement. The street no longer looks exactly like it does in Varda's experimental avant garde short, but the energy is still the same. Before my major research trip a few years ago, which involved a nine day stay in Paris, I had been warned that Le Mouffe was a bit of tourist trap. The studio apartment (read: box with a mezzanine) that I rented for the duration of my stay was a mere stroll away from this market street and I ended up going there once a day to pick up provisions. My memories of the street are inextricably bound up with the food that I purchased there: the little boxes of plump and sweet raspberries, golden baguettes, potatoes roasted in duck fat and sausages that were so heady with garlic and spices that I am sure the apartment was infused with their scent long after I had left.

I miss Paris so much.


Studio Bomba

The signage near the yellow front door of Studio Bomba states that this hybrid space provides eats & drinks, good goods, design services and workshops.

I think that they should also mention that they sell the best cupcakes with cherry frosting ever to come out of an oven.
Studio Bomba
324 Oxford Street, Leederville


Bon week-end!


昙花一现 :: tán huā yí xiàn
The beautiful and the good things are rare and short-lived.

Original photo by my lovely and talented friend Janelle. Translation via here.